October 6, 2017

Why Trading Your Boat is Better Than Selling

Trading Your Boat is Better Than Selling

Life is better with a boat! If you are thinking about selling your current boat, this list will remind you why you should trade instead. Each person may be different and love boating for their own reasons, but these are some that we can all agree on!

  • Boating is great for social networking.
  • You can meet a number of new people through boating, because you already have something in common! Once you take your boat out, people will start by smiling and waving when you pass them on the water, and eventually you will know each other by name. Since the boating community is full of outdoor lovers, water lovers, and people who love to have fun, you will not find it hard to meet people to boat with or fish with. It is also not a secret that everyone loves a good boat trip, so you will never be in short supply of passengers!
  • People of all ages can enjoy boating.
  • Your crew can include toddlers to grandparents, and anything in between. There is something for everyone to do – whether it is cruising, fishing, tubing, water skiing, or sightseeing. You can even bring your dog on board if you have the right preparations! Boating is a versatile activity that can be pleasurable for anyone and everyone.
  • Boating has positive effects on your physical AND mental health.
  • The physical activity associated with boating is great for your physical health and will help keep you moving and in shape. More importantly though, just taking that time in the fresh air can do amazing things for your mental health. Being outdoors and in the sunshine will boost your mood! It is a great time to clear your mind and leave your stress on land.
  • Every boat trip takes you away from everyday life.
  • Not only does boating take you away from your responsibilities (temporarily), but you are also in complete control! You are the captain, so you decide where to go, what kind of trip you want to take, and when to return to shore. It is a wonderful way to step out of your daily routine.
  • The boat may be awesome, but the relationships are better.
  • Although it is nice to spend time out on the water alone, one of the best aspects of having a boat is the relationships and memories you form on it. It does not matter if it is a pontoon, an old cruiser, or a brand new center console. The important part is the memories made offshore, which will last a lifetime!

If you are considering selling your boat, consider making a trade instead and contact us today.

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