Why Wholesale?

Why Wholesale

Wholesaling is the fastest way to get cash now for your boat.

  • No Storage Fees
  • No Insurance
  • No Depreciation
  • No Interest

Time is Money

Selling your boat on your own might seem easy, but normally it is a painful, long process.  According to Boats Group, the average listing receives close to 30 leads prior to it selling. That means as much as 1-100 conversations per customer, countless meetings, and then the entire selling process until someone finally can close.  A typical buyer may need as long as 3-5 weeks to close on a boat due to financing and inexperience with lining up inspections. There is nothing more frustrating than a buyer dragging a deal out and then backing out at the last minute, or their financing falling through.  Your time is valuable - selling a boat on average, between the phone calls, distractions, emails, doing a proper listing, preparing your boat for a retail buyer, meetings, sea trials, being present during a survey inspection, lining up repairs after your inspection, doing your own paperwork, etc. will likely take 100 hours of your time, minimum. That is not counting the countless distractions and the time you spend thinking about what you need to do in order to get your boat sold, instead of doing what makes you money. Whatever your time is worth an hour, multiply that by 100. Whether you realize it or not, the process of selling your boat can cause a massive psychological burden that affects other investments and opportunities.  Having strangers come to your home is also not always a pleasant experience. 

Costs and Depreciation

Selling your boat is costly. Retail buyers expect brand new boats, at low used boat prices. That means you need to make sure that they are turn-key both cosmetically and mechanically, and kept that way for each showing.  Otherwise, a surveyor will get on board and either kill your sale, or will give the buyer a massive punch-list that he will want fixed, or a hefty credit for.  OTH can see past cosmetic issues and minor mechanical problems.  We have a full time staff who specializes solely in preparing boats for sale.  We have a large service team that has streamlined the process of restoring boats and bringing them to market. Additionally, the carrying costs while trying to sell your boat rack up FAST.  In addition to your time - your most valuable asset that you can never replace - you may have the following carrying costs: storage fee, winterization (for some), spring commissioning, shrink wrap, insurance, interest (if you have a note), the opportunity cost if you have your cash tied up in a depreciating asset / not being able to make a cash offer on your next boat, Systems breaking, even when the boat is just sitting, keeping the boat clean and protected from the sun and other elements, ongoing maintenance, depreciation and LISTING FEES if you decide you finally give up and want to list with a broker! We have never had a customer who regret selling their boat to us, but we have had countless customers come back 30 days later, and sometimes even a year later, wishing they had sold their boat to us. We Buy Boats has been the leading marine wholesaler since 2012 and has purchased thousands of boats from happy customers around the world. There are countless reasons why wholesaling is likely the best way for you to sell your boat, and why we have 100% happy customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my boat quickly?

You can call us or use our online form. Our local We Buy Boats representative will set up an appointment to meet you and see your boat. Often on smaller boats, you’ll receive a cash offer on the spot, sight unseen and we can close as quick as one week.

What type of boats do you buy?

We buy cruisers, powerboats, bowriders, center consoles, sport fish, bay boats, performance, ski, wakeboard and rigid inflatables. We accept powerboats that are valued at $50,000 to $5MM and years 2000 and up. We do not buy Sailboats or any other non power boats.

How long is the offer good for?

Our price is good for 7 days, with no pressure to sell.

How does the boat buying process work?

We follow a quick and simple process that makes selling easy! First, we need a little information about your boat. You can give us that information by calling our number or filling out one of our contact forms on the website. Next, receive a quick CASH offer. Our We Buy Boats representative will contact you to arrange a time for a local representative to visit the boat. If the condition of the boat checks out you’ll will receive a cash offer for your boat. You are under no obligation to accept our cash offer. Lastly, if you do want to move forward we’ll set up a closing time that works for you, so you can get your cash and move on as quickly as possible. Learn More

Will We Buy Boats come pick up my boat?

Yes. You can sell your boat entirely online and have it safely picked up contact-free anywhere in the North Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

When do I get paid for my boat?

Once the boat checks out and our purchase and sales agreement has been signed we can wire you the money or send you a check via mail with the tracking information.

What if there is lien on my boat?

If you have a lien/mortgage on your vessel/trailer, provide us with your bank's information using our Payoff Verification form so we can pay off the vessel(s) and the title will be sent to us after payment. We will then disburse the remaining funds to you after closing (if any).

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