October 28, 2022

Best Family Boats

The Best Saltwater Boats for Families

Best Family Boats 

Many boaters consider boating to be a family tradition—a way of life that includes memorable moments like the first time you took the wheel, your first fish, or your first time cruising on open waters. Such times are not only enjoyable for the whole family, but they also strengthen parent-child bonds as the family functions as a "crew" through cooperation and delegated duties. But if you want the entire family to join in and take part, you'll naturally want to select a boat type that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

Let’s take a look at some of the great options for boats that best cater to families.

(Source: Discover Boating)


A bowrider might be your best option if you and your kids enjoy taking joyrides across a lake or bay, pulling water toys, swimming at the beach, and just relaxing on the water in general. Due to its adaptability, ample seating, and simple access to the water, this type of family boat is among the most common ones available.

Bowriders come in a variety of lengths, and there are affordable options available. If you want to go boating overnight, some boats even have a room and a kitchen. The possibilities are endless, but they open many doors.

(Source: Discover Boating)

Cabin Cruisers 

Cabin cruisers can be more expensive and have a tendency to be larger than many other types of boats, but they also give you more options for adventures like visiting far-off ports, spending the weekend on board, or even taking a family vacation on the water. They resemble a floating mobile home in many ways, and most come fully equipped for adventures that last several days.

(Source: Saltwater Sportsman)


Walkaround boats can be perfect for families who like to go fishing and day cruising but also want to be able to stay overnight. Their typical aft cockpits are spacious and open, allowing you to swing a rod or set up a trolling spread, but the bow is enclosed and offers both sleeping quarters and weather protection.

 Although center consoles may be the best design for some types of fishing, many angling families with young children—especially those who may go fishing in chilly or rainy conditions—select walkarounds specifically because of that added protection.

The Choice is Yours!

There are other boat types available that are more suited to freshwater and lakes and are marketed toward families. We decided to emphasize the top choices for environments with saltwater. We also want to stress how important it is to pick a boat that will enable you and your family to participate in the activities you enjoy. This will give you the best value for your money and serve as the focal point of all your enjoyable memories. We hope this aids in reducing your options and brings your boat purchase one step closer.

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