July 4, 2021

Used vs. New Boats: Why You Should Buy Used

Why You Should Buy A Used Boat

Used vs. New Boats: Why You Should Buy Used

Whether you are a first-time boat buyer or are an experienced boat owner, nothing compares to purchasing a vessel and the freedom you felt at that moment. If you are stuck between buying a new boat or a used one then allow this article to guide your thoughts. The upfront appeal of a new boat cannot be beaten; the new smell, completely untouched interior, and zero wear on the engine. That’s all very exciting but the pay-offs of purchasing a used vessel outweigh all those short-lived perks. 

(Source: Marlin Magazine)


Used boats have the immediate advantage of being more affordable upfront and in the long run in owning them. You can get a good deal on a lightly used boat that you have been pining for years and find out it runs just like a new one. Imagine how much money you will save to put towards other things in your life!

Depreciation of New Boats

Just like a car, the value of the new vessel will depreciate about ten percent within the first year of purchasing it. It will continue to decrease in value as years go on whereas used boats have already been priced based on their accumulated depreciation. If your desired boat is about four years old then you are buying it at about a 30% discounted price which is great compared to a new boat price tag. You avoid such a large percentage of loss when you buy used.

(Source: Scout Boats)

Available Immediately 

Used boats are essentially available on the spot after you purchase them, ready to be taken out on the water to cruise. Wherever you purchase your boat from, you can choose to have a boat surveyor analyze your vessel to make sure everything is running properly. If all the boxes are checked after this process then feel comfort in knowing there are no pressing problems to attend to. 

Looks Good As New

Take your time browsing around looking at boats to find one that fits all your boating needs. If the previous owners took care of their vessel appropriately then it won’t be hard to notice that. Just remember above all no one will be able to spot a used boat on the water! 

Do your research first and determine what type of boat you would prefer considering the type of boating experience you would like to have. Check out our current inventory here and look at our selection of well-maintained power boats priced just right! 

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