January 19, 2022

Top 5 Center Consoles

Top 5 center consoles for every angler!

Top 5 Center Consoles

Center consoles are built to handle all kinds of sport-fishing, whether inshore or offshore. The name comes from the fact that the helm is in the center of the boat, giving you plenty of room to walk around and fish from all angles. This boat's hull is built to withstand rough waters, making it more suitable for ocean conditions. Let's get down to business and name the best 5 center console boats that will match your budget and requirements.

(Source: bostonwhaler.com)

Boston Whaler

This manufacturer provides a wide selection of builds, ranging from the Super Sport, which is a side console, to the 420 Outrage, which is their largest center console. The cost rises as you add more features and increase the size. Towards that effect, they have a wide enough choice of models to provide the ideal center console for your budget without sacrificing quality.

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(Source: contenderboats.com)

Contender Boats

Their builds are distinguished by their intended use, such as for enjoyment, fishing, offshore performance, and outlasting, as well as the game-changer. Each boat is designed to withstand the wrath of the elements on the water and to assist in the capture of larger, unexpected catches. Contender handcrafts its boats in the United States to your specifications.

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(Source: Everglades Boats)

Everglades Boats

These center consoles are specially designed with the patented RAMCAP construction process that guarantees these boats are unsinkable. Everglades offers ten total center console models with 3 of those being bay boats and the remaining are offshore vessels. They recently debuted their new flagship 455CC, which is the company's largest and widest boat.

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(Source: freemanboatworks.com)

Freeman Boatworks

With these center consoles, you'll never have to compromise on quality, comfort, or performance. These boats place a premium on speed and hull design to get you to your destination faster. Each of their boats has a distinct catamaran hull design that can withstand strong seas on any given day.

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(Source: Grady-White)

Grady-White Boats

A well-known brand that has been a favorite among anglers for many years. For nearly 60 years, the firm has been producing high-quality center consoles. Grady-Whites feature a distinctive hull style that is unique to them. Each model demonstrates their meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.

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