November 1, 2021

Staying Warm On The Boat In The Winter

Do's and Don'ts to Staying Warm on the Water

Staying Warm On The Boat In The Winter

Boating in the winter does not have to be a pain and can even be enjoyable if you know what you're doing. Whether you're going on a brief cruise for a few hours or a weekend getaway excursion, we've got the correct advice on how to remain warm on board. 

Nobody enjoys being cold especially on the water with the added wind going against you. With the colder weather comes beautiful sunsets and the reduced traffic on the waterways making it easier to cruise for longer periods of time. Here are our quick tips to for what to and what no to to do when staying warm aboard the boat. 

(Source: wintercustomayachts)

Dress Appropriately for the Weather

Nothing is more annoying than getting on the boat and finding you don't have enough clothing on for the cold wind you'll be facing once you get moving. Always wear layers of clothing, including a windproof jacket on the outside. Gloves, a scarf, and a beanie are all necessary because any skin exposed to the weather might cause discomfort.The majority of your gear should be waterproof if you're going on a cruise in the rainy weather. Thin cotton fabrics do not hold heat in, so consider thicker fabrics instead. Synthetic fabrics are breathable and waterproof, but sweatshirts and jeans do not retain heat once they have been wet. On a final note, don’t underdress, it's easier to remove layers than add them.

Look into Boat Heaters

Bringing a small electric heater aboard is the most cost-effective approach to warm up the boat. If your boat is powered by gas, seek for ignition protection to avoid any accidental fires. When no one is in the room, unplug the heater and only use it when you can keep an eye on it. Check your fuel level if you're using a diesel heater, especially after extended cruises.

(Source: Vessel Documentation Online)

Bundle Up With Blankets

Wrapping yourself with a warm blanket or throw after you've layered up in warm clothing is another easy approach to remain warm. These can be easily gathered from your home and kept on the boat. Blankets are simple to pull out whether you're on the boat's deck, cockpit, or inside. What a great way to decompress while on a leisurely trip!

Beverages and Food

It would be lovely to make some warm soup or delicious cookies if you have a stove top on board. The aroma of the food will fill the cabin's air, and the warmth from the stove will warm it up. Keeping hot beverages on hand, such as coffee or hot chocolate, can provide a flash of warmth with each sip.


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