June 27, 2021

Social Media Designed for Boaters

An social app designed for boaters to connect

Social Media Designed for Boaters

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another social media app you would need there indeed is. The app called Aflote is set to launch in July 2021 marketed directly towards powerboaters, sailors, jet skiers, and paddleboarders. Aflote is the only social and lifestyle app meant for those who enjoy the water. Shannon Law the founder of the app discussed what inspired her to develop Aflote and highlights all of its features that will create a community among its members. 

(Source: Boating Industry)

Inspiration Behind the App

Much like everyone else the pandemic caused such a drift between doing the activities they loved and socializing with new people. Shannon grew up sailing and it naturally became an integral part of her life. She found herself not being able to go on the water as much as she wanted and realized a lot of the watercraft community was experiencing the same feeling. There was a disconnect because of the lack of interaction on the water, as well as online interactions in watercraft-related discussions. Shannon saw a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create a platform where all of these communities could unite once again.

(Source: aflote.app)

What does the app offer? 

Other than this being the first app ever to serve as a social platform for watercraft owners it will also be a one-stop-shop for anything boating-related. There will be an interactive map that allows you to locate other watercraft on the water, view their interests, and pictures of their vessel so you can easily identify them. There is an option to set your “vibe” which means if you are feeling social you can set it to “party” mode where you are open to meeting new people. There is a mode for “privacy” and “incognito” allowing you some take some time to yourself if you need it. 

Another great feature is you can check the real-time anchorage capacity all from the palm of your hand. You can even reach out to people you see on the map to message them asking how full the dock is. Shannon says, “ down the road, we will be adding other valuable features such as navigation, weather forecasting, provisioning information, boat-sharing, dock/slip rentals, and a discovery product store.” The overarching goal with the launch of this app will be that this is the only watercraft app you will ever need. 

(Source: aflote.app)

Should you download this app?

Afloat is perfect for any type of watercraft user whether you are a beginner or have years of experience under your belt. You are able to connect with people who have like-minded interests as you in the element where you all feel most comfortable. It’s also a great app to have on hand for essential water safety information like the weather, navigation, and dock capacity. Be sure to download the app come July this year and get a chance to experience the fun of Aflote!


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