July 22, 2021

Simple Upgrades For Your Boat

Easy DIY Upgrades For Your Boat

Simple Upgrades For Your Boat 

Have you ever thought about simple easy upgrades for your boat that won't break the bank and are DIY certified projects? Look no further as we have compiled a small list of upgrades that can be done at any time. They are things you might overlook, but once installed you will notice the difference. 

A disclaimer is you do not need to have a new boat to have these features. When looking to buy a boat, you will find trade-offs and differences between the various brands you are looking at. Therefore these upgrades can transform your boat into everything you had wished for and more. 

Easy, Affordable Upgrades 

Cell Phone Holder

There are many downfalls to stashing your phone in a storage compartment aboard the boat or on top of the console. Your phone will be banging around with every movement of the vessel and not to mention if a big wave comes you may be dealing with water damage. To avoid any accidents attaching a cell phone to a console secures 

(Source: Sea Pro Boats)

Additional Cupholders

Your boat will come with a few built-in cupholders but all of those will be put to use fairly quickly. Similar to where you would place your phone on a console you may put your drinks there too. Ultimately putting your drink at risk of tipping over and spilling onto the boat. You can find additional cup holders that can clamp onto a rail, be suction-cupped on, or sticker on as well. There are plenty of options depending on what your preference of adhesion is. 

Adding More Seating 

Depending on the size of your vessel and if room allows you might want to consider adding additional seating. A fun multipurpose way is to purchase a cooler that doubles as a seat cushion. These are a great cheap alternative to doing a physical upgrade to your vessel. You can get creative and customize your cooler and cushion to compliment your boat design. 

(Source: Yeti)

Trash Can

This will be the upgrade that keeps on giving as you will find yourself needing to throw trash away at all times. Especially when you have the whole crew aboard to enjoy a sunny afternoon you will need a place to throw away the empties. You can add a portable trash can to any storage or cabinet door. Whether you want to screw it in or use adhesive this is an easy addition. 

(Source: caddycan.com)


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