August 30, 2021

Sea Tow Launches New Life Jacket Loaner Stations

New Life Jacket Loaner Stations Available Near You

Sea Tow Launches New Life Jacket Loaner Stations

The Sea Tow Foundation is bringing exciting things to local waterways to follow its goal of promoting the education and awareness of safe boating practices. They are establishing 154 more life jacket loaner stations, adding to the 750 they already have in place. The ease of convenience these stations offer is all in an effort to keep boaters safe while enjoying their time on the water. 

To encourage more locations to offer the life jacket loaner stations The Sea Tow Foundation is providing 50 building kits to organizations, businesses, and agencies all over the nation. The intended expansion goal is to put them in 47 of the 50 states, eventually being available in every state. 

(Source: Humboldt County)

The life jacket loaner stations are in hopes to reduce the occurrences of drownings among waterways. They will be located in convenient locations along docks, boat ramps, marinas, and parks so boaters have easy access to them. There is no cost to borrow one of these life jackets, they just ask that you return them when you are no longer in need of them so others can have the opportunity to borrow one. 

“These stations are made possible by donations and corporate sponsorships, as well as grant funds provided through the U.S. Coast Guard’s Sport Fish Restoration & Boating Trust Fund. This is the 14th consecutive year of grant funding for this program.” (

Due to the high demand for life jackets, the foundation was not able to satisfy these requests with the money given to them by the grant as it was not enough. The Foundation is proud to say they all those organizations and agencies that applied for loaner life jackets will receive them just potentially not the entire amount they requested. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help the Sea Tow Foundation you can find the link here on this webpage. Take the time to read more about the life jacket loaner stations and see where they are located across the US. 

(Source: ActionHub)


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