September 23, 2021

Outboard vs. Inboard Motors

Outboard vs. Inboard

Outboard vs Inboard Motors 

(Source: Boating Magazine)

The location of the motor on a boat has a significant impact on the whole riding experience. Given that this is how the vessel would be launched, it should be one of the first features to be addressed. There are two types of motors, outboard, and inboard. Let’s dive into the difference between both including the advantages and what types of boating enthusiasts they cater to. 


There was a large increase in outboard sales this year and it’s easy to tell the market is shifting towards favoring this style of motor. They are entirely independent of the boat itself and are mounted to the exterior of the vessel. Depending on how easy you prefer your vessel operations to be, the outboards can be controlled via a dashboard console or with a handle directly on the motor itself. 

(Source: Ellis Marine)
  • Allow for more interior space 
  • Easy to winterize and store away 
  • Easy to access for maintenance
  • More affordable 
  • Higher top speeds 

These motors are great for those who enjoy fishing, speedboats, and ease of turning when at top speeds on the water. Outboard motors are quick-handling, allow for a tight turn ratio, and maneuver great at low speeds. No need to panic in shallow waters because the outboards tilt up and sit higher on the surface of the water. 


These motors are mounted inside the vessel and are specifically designed for high-performance marine boats. Inboards are either in the center of your boat attached to the direct drive systems or stowed inside the V-drive systems. Both allow for the drive train and prop to be directly built into the hull. 

(Source: Boating Magazine)

  • Quiet when operating
  • Lasts longer, increased longevity
  • Superior torque and power
  • Comparably much better fuel efficiency 
  • More discrete 

These motors are built similar to car engines therefore they are very complex but prove to be a stronger engines than outboards. This style of motor is favored for water sports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing. You have more control over the wake and great towing power which is essential for those activities. 

Both motors serve different purposes and are a key component to what type of boat you are interested in buying. See which motor fits your needs best and then go from there in your buying process. 


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