July 13, 2021

How to Prepare a Boat To Sell

Preparing Boat To Sell

How to Prepare a Boat To Sell 

Are you looking at selling your boat? Are you confused on where to start in the checklist of preparing it for sale? We have compiled a list of important steps you should take before either selling the boat yourself or with a broker of a marine sales company. This will ensure you get the best value of your vessel and make back some money from your investment. 

(Source: Boat Trader)

Now, this is the time to fix those issues you have been glazing over for the past years as they will drive away potential buyers who want a boat in close to perfect condition. 

Fix the Mechanical Problems

No one wants to buy a boat that needs repairs all throughout the body and engine of the vessel. Make sure all the engine-related pieces work properly and are running smoothly. Look over your boat and fix whatever can be done fast and efficiently by yourself. This will raise the value of the vessel immensely, so do not overlook this step. 

(Source: Progressive)

Clean The Boat Inside and Out

Go through your vessel and declutter it to the best of your ability. Remove everything on the boat that will not be included in the sale to eliminate any confusion. A clean boat appeals to a buyer as they are perceiving the boat in its best condition. Removing the clutter can also open up the boat and maximize the physical and visual space. A deep clean is always encouraged and will benefit you in the long run!

Wax Your Hull

This may seem like an unnecessary step but if you can budget this into your expenses to sell the boat then it’s worth it. A freshly waxed hull will give off the appearance of a newer boat which can, in turn, raise the re-sell value. Any step you can take to increase the amount of money you could receive for a boat is worth doing.

(Source: The Boat Butler)

Depending on the size of the boat you should consider hiring a marine surveyor to examine the boat pre-sell. This will address larger problems you may have missed that could be detrimental to the sale. A marine surveyor is relatively inexpensive and will pay off when negotiating a price as this reassures the buyer you have taken great care of your vessel. Your hard work will show as it is easy for a buyer to spot when an owner attends to the maintenance of their boat routinely. 


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