May 27, 2021

How To Hire A Boat Surveyor

Hiring A Boat Surveyor

How to Hire a Boat Surveyor

When looking for a used boat it is always important to consider hiring a boat surveyor to assess the value of the vessel. This is also a very helpful step to determine whether the vessel is going to meet your requirements for your intended needs. How do you go about hiring a boat surveyor you may ask? Well, here are the steps in doing so along with a description of the tests they will perform on your boat. 

(Source: Powerboat & RIB Magazine)

Finding a Boat Surveyor 

Word of mouth is a great way to find a reliable surveyor in your area through recommendations from friends, family, and local marine dealerships. Another way to locate one is to search two of the most recognized organizations for Marine Surveyors; Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) and National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS). Rest assured that each individual has to meet strict standards and complete a course each year to maintain their participation in these organizations. 

Interviewing Surveyors

Take the time to talk with your surveyor about their prior experience and gain insight as to what boats they have done work on. You want someone who will know the ins and outs about the vessel you are deciding on purchasing. Even go as far as to request a sample report to determine if this individual is up to your standards. Last but not least, speak with multiple potential surveyors, as it won't hurt to look around for the right one. 

Survey Details and Length 

Once you have scheduled a time that works best for you to have the surveyor come inspect your vessel, be sure to be present for the full inspection. The length of the survey will take around a few hours to a day potentially to complete, depending on the size of the boat. During the allotted time the surveyor will conduct an inspection of the boat’s hull and deck. As well as, the electrical and mechanical equipment and engines. This must be done while the boat is docked and the engines are cold. The sea trial portion of the inspection should take about 30 minutes and is to make sure all functions of the boat perform efficiently on the water. 

(Source: Beach Houses in Paradise)

What to Expect After the Survey

The surveyor will draw up a report listing things about the boat that will need to be addressed. Don’t be discouraged if this list is long, larger issues need to be situated by the seller and this can vary depending on the boat you are interested in. No need to stress over the results of the survey. All of this is completely normal and extremely helpful. Do your own research on the boat model to make sure the problem isn’t common among that model. Based on the report you can choose to get an estimate for repairs and decide whether you want to proceed with the steps to purchase the vessel. 


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