March 23, 2022

Choosing the Right Dock Line

Choosing the right dock line for your boat.

Choosing the Right Dock Line

When purchasing a boat, finding the correct dock line to permanently or temporarily tie your boat to a dock or another boat is critical. The lines should be kept on your boat for convenient access wherever you are.  Selecting the appropriate dock line for wherever you plan to dock ensures that your vessel is safe even while you are away.

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Transient vs. Permanent

When you're away from your regular docking spot, you'll need a transient dock line. Maintain a set of designated nylon lines with spliced eyes on board. The splicing makes wrapping around a cleat or pilling a breeze, while the other end is secured to your boat. This sort of line comes in a variety of colors, lengths, and diameters to pick from.

Because of their nature of being exposed to a variety of settings and weather situations, permanent lines will differ from transient lines in a variety of ways. Due to its regular use, the line will rub against the cleat on the dock. They'll need a material that will assure the rope's endurance, which could be leather, rubber, or chafe-resistant cloth. This will be concentrated at the line's ends, where it connects to the boat or dock. To prevent the boat from drifting aimlessly, the rope should be trimmed to match the gap between the boat and the dock.

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Things to Keep in Mind

The majority of your dock line should be comprised of nylon, a synthetic fiber with a superb combination of strength and elasticity. Polyester is another typical material for dock lines, but it is less desirable due to its poor durability. Three different rope constructions are available on the market: three-strand, double-braid, and mega braid.

  • Three-strand braid is easy to splice, has an uncut finish to it, but is the most affordable of the three.
  • Double-braid is stronger for a given size, has roughly half the stretch of three-strand, and comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize
  • Mega braid is a 12 strand single braid rope that is frequently chosen for boats over 70' feet.

Choose the finest dock line to meet your docking requirements.

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