February 4, 2022

Choosing the Right Center Console Helm Seats

The best features for your helm seats

Choosing the Right Center Console Helm Seats

Not just the captain, but also the passengers, care about where they sit on a boat. We chose to break down the features you need when picking the right center console helm chairs because of the tremendous increase in center console boating sales. Every angler deserves the perfect set up, chair wise, aboard their vessel. 

(Source: Soundings Online)

Contractible Bolsters

While manning the boat, the captain should always have the option of standing or sitting. If they prefer to stand, there must be enough space between the seat and the steering wheel for them to do so comfortably. A good quality bolster is easy to adjust while the boat is moving, so look for that feature.

Contractible Armrests

Given that most helm chairs have armrests, this may appear to be an afterthought, but there are two important factors to consider. The armrests must be able to sustain a significant amount of weight and be solid enough to grab onto for support in choppy sea conditions.

(Source: Chesapeake Bay Magazine)

Foam Cushioning and Vinyl 

What you're going to sit on is important! Durability and comfort are two characteristics of high-quality foam cushioning. You'll need a cushion that won't hold moisture, will return to its normal shape and is antimicrobial.

Double-check the vinyl covering the foam cushions to make sure it's marine quality. Any vinyl on a boat should be, but it's always a good idea to double-check to see if the material will keep up in a severe boating environment.

Contractible Toe-Rail 

Because of the distance, it's customary for helm seats to cause people to sit higher off the deck and have their feet hang. For individuals who aren't used to standing, a toe-rail that can be pulled down for a more supportive sit is ideal. The best solution is for each seat to have its own set of footrails.

Adjustable Base 

The helm seats should have an adjustable base that may be moved up and down to better suit people of different heights. This will allow you to position the chair properly so that you can see over the control panel. The chair also has the ability to swivel and revolve, allowing you to engage in conversation from any position.

(Source: Release Marine)




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