April 25, 2021

Boat Hulls: Learning What Hull Shape is Best for Your Needs

Different Types of Hulls on Boats

Boat shopping is much like looking to purchase a car and how important it is to see which make/model of a vehicle fits your needs best. The Hull design of a boat makes a huge difference when thinking about what you desire out of your boating experience. Let’s take a look into which hull design would maximize your boating pleasure this season!

What is a Hull?

The Hull is the portion of the boat that sits in and on top of the water. It makes up the majority of the body of the boat. It is a very important design feature of the boat as it affects the performance, stability, smoothness, and efficiency of the vessel. 

(Source: Soundings Online)

Different Type of Hulls

  • Flat Bottom
  • Deep-V Hulls
  • Round Bottom 
  • Multi-Hull  
(Source: GetMyBoat)

Purpose of The Design of Each Hull 


The shape of these is similar to a box and are more common in freshwater areas as they are best for fishing in shallow water or calm bodies of water. This style offers a lot of stability and the shape makes it easier for the vessel to power on through water at higher speeds. Flat-bottomed hulls do not perform well on a choppy ocean seascape. 


This shape is the most common for powerboats and is the complete opposite of a flat-bottomed hull. It resembles a wedge shape which will provide the smoothest ride in rough waters. The hull is designed to cut through water effortlessly but does require more speed to do so. Majority of offshore sport fishing boats have this type of hull. 

Round Bottom 

This type of hull you will see on canoes and sailboats allowing those vessels to move easily through water. A rounded hull is often more unstable compared to the others and the vessel is prone to tipping over, which could lead to capsizing. 


Pontoon boats and catamarans have this type of hull which gives them that easily identifiable look. The multi-hull offers stability as boats designed with this hull are meant to simply cruise along the water. This hull creates more drag which decreases the performance and efficiency of the boat.  

(Source: Boats.com)

Finding The Perfect Hull For You

After reading about the different variations of hull types and their intended purposes, hopefully you found this information useful. So before you purchase that beautiful boat for the upcoming season make sure it is going to satisfy your needs! 


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