June 11, 2021

The 63rd Annual Big Rock Tournament

The 63rd Annual Big Rock Fishing Tournament

Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament 2021 

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It’s that time of the year every sport fisher looks forward to, in hopes of winning big. It’s been a tradition since 1958 and here we are embarking on the 63rd official tournament. Big Rock is an annual fishing competition off the North Carolina coast in Morehead City. It is considered one of the largest fishing tournaments in the country. There are an average of 200 boats registered and 1,600 competitors competing each year.


The event this year will begin on June 11th- June 20th allowing enough time for registered boats to reel in the heaviest marlin. The blue marlin is not the only fish you are aiming to catch but more so the focal point, as they are the star of the show. Last year’s grand prize was $1,056,137 and the total purse was $3,352,475. Portions of the prize money go back to charities and to support marine life foundations.


It is a week full of sweat, hard work, and determination all meant to bring people together to celebrate a long-standing tradition. If you are unable to attend or simply like to spectate, this tournament will be updated live via the radio on the Big Rock website. You can also watch it on tv from the comfort of your home.



Here a link to the Big Rock schedule posted on their website with a breakdown of the events occurring on each day from Friday, June 11th through Sunday, June 20th.

Big Rock Schedule

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710 Evans Street, Morehead City, NC 28557

Registration Information

You are required to purchase the Level I Mandatory Entry fee which is $2,500 to even participate in the tournament. There are other levels you may also need to purchase to be able to compete for certain prizes. Here is a link to the registration page on the Big Rock Website that lays out the prices and specific levels.

Register For Big Rock

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