December 6, 2021

Best Boating Locations in the Bahamas

Best Locations for Boating in the Bahamas

Best Boating Locations in the Bahamas 

As the winter season approaches, boat excursions get increasingly frigid, and you may find yourself using your boat less regularly. The temperature is consistently warm in the much more southern part of the world, close to the tip of Florida. This area is the most appealing place for boaters. Get the off-season boating scoop about where to boat in the Bahamas by checking out our list of the top places to go. We have compiled short list of the best boating locations in the Bahamas, approved by boaters like yourself.

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Blue Lagoon Island

Extend your summer vacation on this tranquil island located just three miles off the coast of Nassau. This sparsely inhabited location is home to several sea lions and dolphins, making it ideal for anyone seeking a respite from city life. Enjoy a relaxed day on the white sand beach while admiring the turquoise waters that give the lagoon its name.

Snorkeling amid the native coral reefs, swimming with dolphins and sea lions, and renting clear bottomed kayaks to explore the seas more intimately are some of the activities to do while here. End your day with a pleasant swing in the water hammocks, which will undoubtedly brighten your day.

(Source: Flying and Travel)

The Exumas 

Exuma is a Bahamas district made up of over 365 islands, often known as cays. Great Exuma, which is 37 miles long, is one of the largest of the cays (you can only imagine how big the other islands must be then). Nonetheless, this location is regarded as having the world's most stunning and blue waters.

While you're here, wander around Pelican Beach, which has golden sand beaches and crystal clear water. Because the latitudinal line goes straight through it, it's also known as the Tropic of Cancer. Then head to Pig Beach, which is home to just small piggies and where you may swim with them. Consider the amazing pictures you could capture with a herd of wild pigs! 

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Harbour Island

This pink sand beach, which spans along the eastern shore, is one of the most popular tourist attractions. This island is not as sparsely populated as the others; there are approximately 2,000 people living on the entire island. There are gorgeous pastel-painted homes to pass by in Dunmore Town, the island's major hub, while you hunt for one of the island's restaurants to eat at.

Harbour Island is home to the Devil's Backbone coral reef, despite its interesting pink sand beaches. Marine life can be seen on this reef, which is notorious for being a shallow, dangerous jagged-edged reef. Alternatively, take a horseback tour of the island's ocean line!


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