March 3, 2022

All About Center Consoles

Breaking down what a center console is.

What is a Center Console?

Boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse activities. The center console is the most popular of them all. Let's be honest, the reason they're called that is because the helm is located on a console in the center of the boat. The stern and bow cockpits are often fairly open, and outboard motors are used to power them.

(Source: NauticExpo)

Why choose a Center Console?

Anglers buy center consoles for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is the 360-degree fishing capabilities. There's plenty of deck space to move around on, as well as ample cockpit space in the bow and back of the boat for numerous fishing spots. The boats can be marketed and manufactured to cater to certain fishing requirements and strategies.

They're also perfect for families because they provide a wide range of activities. It's no trouble to attach a water ski or a new water toy! While you're at it, take the family on a relaxing cruise among the local waterways.

(Source: Hunt Yachts)


Aside from what they can do, these types of boats have numerous advantages. Because there is no cabin below the helm, they can be quite affordable. Center consoles are typically lighter, allowing them to perform better with equal horsepower, accumulate more range, and be more easily trailered. The best part is that, due to their small size, these boats require very little maintenance.


The absence of protection from the sun and weather would be the most evident negative. There is less place for stowed dry storage on smaller boats, so bear that in mind if that is a priority for you. The majority of types lack a cabin or berth beneath the console; only larger center console yachts have this feature.

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