June 23, 2017

6 Boat Gadgets From Amazon That You Need Right Now

6 Boat Gadgets You Need

6 Boat Gadgets From Amazon That You Need Right Now

There are items you need for your boat and there are items that you need to make your boat the practical, fun, and personalized vessel you want it to be. From speakers to waterproof bags, here are six gadgets that you need to buy for your boat, and they can all be found easily on Amazon!

Waterproof Dry Bags

When going out on the boat, it is important to keep all your valuables dry. For most instances, a ziplock bag just will not do! In order to keep your belongings safe, you need to get this Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag. It is available in different sizes as well as colors, and even comes with a waterproof phone case! This bag is reasonably priced and can save you hundreds of dollars in water damage.

Docktail Bar Caddy

Taking family and friends out on the boat is always more fun with drinks in your hand, but it can be difficult to organize all the items needed to make a good drink. This incredible invention, known as the Docktail Bar Caddy, can mount in most standard rod holders and will remain flat. It even includes 1 cutting board insert! With this, you can make all the drinks you want without the mess.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Music is a necessity for taking the boat out with friends and family. It can be hard finding a speaker that works with the conditions that come with being on a boat in the water. This wireless bluetooth speaker from HyperGear is waterproof and easily used outdoors. It is compatible with all bluetooth products, so you can easily connect your cellphone to it. It even has a microphone so you can make calls through it as well!

Helm Station Pad

For those long days driving the boat, or a far ride, this Marine Mat will make your extended time sitting at the helm a much more comfortable experience. This helm pad that is very easy to install and has a one year warranty. The foam inside will keep your body from aching after spending hours on the boat.


If you have a GoPro, this product will make pictures on the boat easier than ever. It can be hard to remain still while holding your camera and going over waves. This GorillaPod from Joby is a very easy to use tripod that you can use anywhere. Simply clip in your GoPro or similar sized camera, and bend the flexible legs to attach it anywhere. With this product, you will get the pictures you want without the blur or hassle.

LED Rope Lights

This 5 meter neon LED rope lights are perfect for a night out on the water. It comes in blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and red, but at $9 each, why not get all colors? Use this to line your boat before taking it out at night to create a better atmosphere as well as help you see your surroundings better.

While first aid kits, flares, and lifejackets are necessary to have on your boat for safety, the items on this list will create the fun balance that will improve your boat trips!

Bought any of the items on this list? Comment and let us know how it is! Or comment an item not on this list that you believe should be there.

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