January 21, 2017

How to Sell My Boat Fast

Sell My Boat Fast

Wholesale your boat

For anyone who needs to get out of their boat fast, wholesaling is the fastest way. Though trying to earn full retail for your vessel may seem tempting….the cost of holding your boat for months while you’re trying to sell it adds up quickly. By wholesaling your boat, you get your boat taken off your hands quickly and a cash payment in your pocket. Sound like a good deal? We Buy Boats can do this for you! Simply submit your boat here for a quick quote.

Find the right price for your boat

You need to price your boat right. You may be thinking, “where do I start?” Here are some steps to take when finding the right price for your boat. Search online to see what your boat is selling for. Look on Yachtworld, Boats.com, BoatTrader, etc. You must also consider that any boat on Yachtworld has a broker behind it, so they will be marked up ~10%. Print or write down the prices of all the boats that are comparable to yours. You can also check Craigslist and Ebay to see what private sellers are listing their boats for. Take note of things that differ, and adjust the price for those features accordingly. For example, pay close attention to engine hours or location of the boat and take those price differences into account. All of these price listings should give you a better ballpark price for your boat.Aside from engine hours, trailer options, etc., your buyer will want to know the boat’s past. If there are or have been any mechanical/electrical problems with your boat, it is best to simply offer that information off the bat. People will be much more willing to buy from you if you’re honest. A good option for you is to get an engine and boat survey performed and then give the report to serious buyers.Another good resource to use for comparable prices is to call up some brokers who have boats listed that are similar to yours. Be upfront with them and tell that what boat you have, and ask what they would list it for. It is also a good idea to ask them why the boat comparable to yours hasn’t sold yet.The final place to check is NADA. This will not give you a definite price, but this is how banks determine your boats loan value. It isn’t the top resource, but it is something to consider when determining a price for your boat. After comparing all these prices, take the information you have gathered and give yourself a good price for your boat. Keep in mind the cost of keeping your boat for a couple more months. Once you determine the right price for your boat, go out there and sell it.

List Your Boat With A Broker

If selling your boat on your own is just more than what you want to do at the time, another option is taking your boat up with a broker. Because selling a boat is literally a job, why not have the person who has that job do it for you? Boat brokers will market your boat across multiple platforms, negotiate, handle paperwork, financing, surveys, sea trials, showings, insurance, and settlements so that you don’t have to. It’s all for around 10% commission, but that seems like a fair trade. These are professionals who know how to monitor trends and get you the best price for your boat. Just look for a broker who has professional listings and boating industry experienceIs. Eager and willing to do research and sell your boat for the price you want. Prepare a quality listing (check out his current listings) Is in a good location to give your boat maximum exposure or knows how to market online. Can and will take trades. Check with your local marina or any friends to see if they can recommend a broker to you.

Make your boat one that will sell quickly

When buyers come around and see your boat, you don’t want them to think “this isn’t what I pictured” or “this doesn’t look like the pictures!” You want these buyers to have the best first impression of your boat. Wax and clean your boat inside out to make it look as new as possible. Empty out compartments, eliminate any odors,  and keep it clean. Hiring a detailer can be well worth the money if you are trying to obtain top dollar for your used boat. Make sure everything on the boat is working. Check the engine, switches, lights, etc  so that when your buyer comes to look at your boat, everything works the way it should. Finally, get all of your personal items off the boat. You wouldn’t want to buy a car that has cups in the cup holders and a hula girl on the dash. Same goes with boats. Your buyer wants to picture their stuff on the boat, and they can’t do that with your items cluttering the boat.

Get your boat maximum exposure

It is not enough to just have your boat on the market. You need to get the most exposure possible to sell your boat fast. Ebay and Craigslist are useful for private listings. However, there are many other ways to get your boat out there for people to see. You can start by placing your boat for sale in a spot where buyers will see it. Some good places would be: near marina lots or a highway, even take it out on the water on a busy day, broker or dealer’s office. You can also use simple word-of-mouth advertising to sell your boat, but a great way to gain exposure in this age is through social media. Post your boat listing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any social media platform where you are connected to potential buyers. With all of these tips, you will sell your boat in the time you want and get the price you desire. If you want to sell your boat fast: wholesale. If you want a professional to sell your boat for you: broker. Just make sure you price your boat correctly and get maximum exposure of your boat, and buyers will come running. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote for your boat, call We Buy Boats today or contact us via any of our pages.

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